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We are experts in membership, e-commerce and multilingual content management (CMS) system websites. We cut the leading edge for CMS and make it easy for clients to modify their websites through a browser interface. Flexibility? Our CMS is very flexible.. as it has many modules and module positions (over 9,000) that give you many options on functionality, layout and design.

Our websites are built with HTML5 and CSS3 allowing the website to be viewed on multiple devices: iPads, iPhones, SmartPhones, PCs, Macs and other tablets.

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pyramids at Giza

What is a Perfect Ratio?

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A perfect ratio is a standard proportion in nature that is pleasing to the eye.

The earliest evidence of human appreciation for the pleasing qualities of these proportions is found in the pyramids at Giza, which appear to have been built with a 5 to 8 ratio between height and base. This is a close approximation (0.625) to the "perfect" ratio, although scholars disagree over whether the Egyptians were actually aware of it.

About Us

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Our History

Perfect Ratio was founded in the USA in 2003 but the founder has been designing websites since 1995, when he established the 2nd ISP, hosting and web design firm in Palm Beach county, Florida... called TerraByte.

At Perfect Ratio... we provide clients with superior marketing products and services that meet their needs. Multilingual CMS website design and development, brochures, copy writing, professional photography, and website hosting are some of the many services provided by Perfect Ratio.

In November 2012 Perfect Ratio created a sister company in Cuenca, Ecuador (ECUAPERFSERV CIA LTDA) to create multilingual websites, provide funding strategies for Ecuador projects, sell real estate, make real estate advertising portal and other web development projects.

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